Why Buy from us!

Niagra Technologies, Inc. takes pride in delivering high performance Video Surveillance Systems for a wide range of clients. Current products include:

  • 960h & SDI-HD 1080p CCTV Video Surveillance Systems
  • NVR & IP Video Surveillance Systems
  • High Power & High Amp CCTV power supply units with Auto Reset Fuse.

Our product design engineers work closely with the manufacturing facilities to insure a higher degree of product performance.

Buy with confidence- your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Product testing is a quintessential component of our manufacturing process. In accordance with design parameters- ALL products under-go extensive testing in variable operating conditions. Basic testing environments include- vibration testing, High Temperature, Low temperature, Voltage spikes, and circuit burn-in.

Buy with Confidence- We TEST every product!

Niagra Technologies, Inc. is proud to partner with Licensed & Insured Professional Installers in the US. We provide necessary product training & multi-tier support to our Value Added Resellers & Installers. At Niagra Technologies- we maintain a staff of highly qualified Network Systems Engineers. Our engineers are well capable of integrating our Video Surveillance Systems into Clients’ Simple/Complex network architect. Most importantly- our field engineers work with our Installation Partners in setting up guidelines for a perfect installation of our systems.

Buy with Confidence- We have got you covered!

Regardless of where you have purchased our CCTV Video Surveillance System- The buck for the product warranty stops at our door. We stand behind our products- it is just that simple. We repair it or replace it- no hassle.

Most 960h DVR Systems & Camera Units come with ONE or TWO year warrantee & most HD-SDI 1080p DVR systems come with TWO or THREE year warrantee. The NVR & IP camera units come with ONE, TWO, or THREE year warrantee. Please be sure to check the product description for warrantee information.

Buy with Confidence- We are here to serve!

In warrantee or out of warrantee; Technical Support is available when you need it. And it is just a phone call (or an eMail) away. Need help with pre-sale decision making or help with installation, setup, or configuration- our support team is here to help. Our Network Engineers & Tech-Support Teammates can help you in configuring Firewall, WiFi, DVR configuration, and Camera (OSD) settings.

Buy with Confidence- You have got a partner in us!